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"I realized, not everyone selling vacuums service them, so many go to the landfill"


Our mission is to provide "ever improving product and service". In order to do this we do not provide any box store mass marketing quality product that requires compromise in quality in order to meet price shopping mindsets. Most of the time the realization of the quality comes after the purchase of the bargain and then the service does not follow. The disappointment of the lack of follow through visits us at our shop many times. We can only imagine how many of these box store products end up as landfill. We do not support this type of consumerism. Our belief is to provide excellent quality for the long haul, that which is also worth repairing and servicing. In the end we are happy because you, our client will be happy.


Retriever Pet vacuum

We carry the best in the RICCAR and SIMPLICITY line of vacuums. These vacuums are well built and designed to perform for years with healthy home features impossible to have with box store mass produced products. Stop filling land fills and make your investment a good one for your peace of mind and the future for your loved ones.

Pet hair and odors don't stand a chance with the new Retriever Pet vacuum cleaner. With granulated charcoal and HEPA media filters to trap hair, dander and odors and the Fur Get It tool for removing pet hair from upholstery and stairs, Retriever is the perfect companion for pet owners. The Retriever also features Tandem Air cleaning technology, durability of metal components in high-wear areas, on-board tools and a one-pound canister of pet formula dry carpet cleaner. The Retriever comes with a 7-year warranty.

The R30PET model features include:

    •    12 Amp motor
    •    Steel bottom plate and brushroll with replaceable brushstrips
    •    Lifetime belt with Hall sensor
    •    7-stage filtration with HEPA media and granulated charcoal filters
    •    Self-sealing HEPA media bag
    •    Stretch hose with aluminum telescopic wand
    •    On-board crevice tool, upholstery tool and dusting brush with gentle natural bristles
    •    1-pound Dry Carpet Cleaner with scrub brush
    •    Fur-Get-It fur remover tool
    •    6-position carpet height adjustment
    •    40-foot cord
    •    Color: Metallic Gold
    •    7 year warranty
    •    Built in the USA

Riccar Emmaculate

Additional Information

Color                                  White Gold
Bag                                    HEPA Media
Brushroll                             Aluminum
Brushstrips                         3 Rows, Replaceable
Belt                                     Lifetime Serpentine
Bottom Plate                      Chrome Metal
Cord Length                       28 Feet
Dirt Sensor                         Standard
Full Bag Indicator
Electronic On Handle
Headlight                           Yes
On/Off Switch Location      On Hose Handle
Power                                12 Amps
Warranty                            5 Year
Four 360 Degree Rubber Casters
Soft Sweep Floor Tool, Vac+Shine Floor Tool, Deluxe Dusting Brush, On-Board Tools

The Immaculate is brimming with features, including:
    •    12 amps of power
    •    7-stage 100% sealed S-Class HEPA media filtration
    •    Steel bottom plate, aluminum brushroll and replaceable brushstrips
    •    Lifetime belt (excludes sudden stoppage issues)
    •    Dirt sensor
    •    Deluxe dusting brush and deluxe hand turbo brush
    •    Premium on-board tool set
    •    Vac+Shine multi-surface floor brush
    •    Soft Sweep floor tool with washable micropad
    •    28-foot cord
    •    Color: White Gold
    •    5 year warranty
    •    Built in the USA

Simplicity Gusto

Gusto Canister Vacuum Cleaner

This premier canister's got it all, from pamper to power, plus the long-lasting durability, performance and convenience you expect from Simplicity vacuums. With 100% sealed HEPA media filtration and a charcoal filter, a lifetime belt, premium tools, and metal where it matters, the Gusto is backed by Simplicity's 5-year bumper-to-bumper warranty . Your carpet will love Gusto's attention! Plus, it's built right here in the USA.


This isn't just Simplicity's strongest vacuum. It doesn't just have the most powerful carpet nozzle they make. Nor is it just their most versatile cleaning machine. The fact is this Simplicity Gusto is the INDUSTRY'S strongest vacuum! It has the best carpet nozzle the whole business has ever seen! And, with the way this one is load-up with every possible accessory, you will get your whole house cleaner than it's ever been! Whether you have a house full of kids, a shedding cat, a husband that never takes his work shoes off at the door, this is the most capable vacuum cleaner you can buy at any price. The full sized nozzle cleans carpet. It has a beater bar filled with long bristles that power down into the nap to card out debris that's hidden deep down. It also cards the carpet fibers back to their original appearance, so when you're finished, you will marvel at how like new your beautiful carpet looks! This machine features a full set of accessories right on-board, under a locking lid. And these are top-end tools with natural bristles--not the cheapies you find on lesser brands! The Gusto also features S-Class HEPA air filtration. Not just for allergy-sufferers, this feature eliminates the after-dust smell that lingers after normal vacuums. Breathe deep! The air is great!


 Gusto is brimming with features, including:
    •    100% sealed, 7-stage, S-class HEPA media filtration
    •    Granulated charcoal filter to trap odors
    •    12-amp motor
    •    Chrome plated steel bottom plate on the power nozzle
    •    Extruded aluminum brushroll with 3 rows of replaceable brushstrips
    •    Lifetime belt (excludes sudden stoppage issues)
    •    Dirt sensor
    •    6 position height adjustment
    •    Full bag indicator light on handle
    •    Doom for Your Broom area rug/hard floor brush  
    •    Floor It! tool with washable microfiber pad
    •    Deluxe handheld turbo brush
    •    Deluxe dusting brush
    •    Premium set of on-board tools include crevice tool, upholstery brush and dusting brush
    •    360-degree rubber casters
    •    28-foot cord
    •    Color: Jet B
    •    5 year warranty
    •    Built with American Pride in the USA

Beam Serenity 325A

550 Air Watt

Designed for homes, townhouses and condominiums where storage space is at a premium, this compact, 550-airwatt power unit offers a powerful clean for up to 3,500 square feet.

The 325 is high efficient with 550 Air Watts, 4 gal bucket and a sound suppression system.
This unit is capable of quietly cleaning homes up to 3,500 SF.

  • 550 Air Watts
  • Efficient 2-stage 5.7” motor
  • Maximum Amps: 14.3
  • Venting not required
  • Sound Level: 69.6 dBA (EST)
  • 4 gal dirt Receptacle is Clearsmoke with antimicrobial
  • Serenity QS Muffler & Internal sound suppression system
  • Utility Inlet on Unit
  • Size: 11” diameter x 35” high
  • Color: Alloy
  • Warranty: 10 years

Note: The dirt receptacle is infused with antimicrobial agent preventing bacteria growth in the bucket


Serenity model 300A

Serenity model 300A with 550 Air Watts and rugged all-steel upper cylinder construction, a new more powerful higher-efficiency motor, Bagged Inverted unit with top loaded lid to easily access  bag.


Beam Serenity 375A

BEAM’s most popular selling power unit. At 600 air watts, 5.7"diameter,2-stage by-Pass motor ,It offers high-performance cleaning for your home. * Quiet Pak™ Sound Insulation System - Makes BEAM the quietest central vacuum in the industry. * Self Cleaning Filter - Exclusive BEAM Self-Cleaning Filter with GORE technology filters 98% of particles down to 0.3 microns while it protects and prolongs motor life. No need to ever purchase a filter bag or clean your filter, which means NO loss of suction .